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Typically an architect will charge a percentage of project value, depending on the size of the project. For domestic work, this can range from 8-16% of project value excluding VAT. We will base our fee on a sliding scale percentage of the project value - we find this most accurately reflects the amount of work required. 

The fee is broken down into four stages for domestic works - I, Sketch Design, II Developed Design to Planning Permission, III Detail Design to Tender, and IV Construction / On Site Stage. We fulfil all the responsibilities of designer under Health & Safety legislation, and we also offer the services of Project Supervisor for Design Phase (PSDP), under separate appointment.

All fees are excl. VAT

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For us, this is the most important stage of your project - Making the correct decisions at this stage has a huge bearing on the success of the finished building.

We resource this stage accordingly and we do not recommend rushing this important process.


Agreed sketch design layout is improved upon, efficiencies are found, and a formal application is made to the planning authority, if required.

Typically the fee for sketch design and planning stage is 33% of the overall


This involves preparing packages for a numer of contractors to competitively tender for the project, Typically the fee for this stage is 33% of the overall 

Construction / On Site

This involves periodic inspection of the works as the construction proceeds, regular site meetings, instructing the contractor as required, and certification. Typically the fee for this stage is 33% of the overall, drawn down monthly over the course of the works.